Nikko’s Discovery

Nikko discovers that Alisha is wearing a pullup under her clothes and it makes her incredibly horny.

Nikko joins Alisha on the bed and takes off her shirt, proud to show Alisha her brand new tan. Since Nikko is topless, it is only fair that Alisha takes off her shirt as well. This leads to making out and touching.

In the course of rubbing her hands all over Alisha’s body Nikko feels something unexpected, a bit of extra padding under Alisha’s pants. Nikko proceeds to investigate and discovers that Alisha is wearing a pullup. Having a diaper fetish, this discovery makes Nikko very horny.

Nikko asks Alisha to go down on her and Alisha is happy to do so. Wearing only her pullup Alisha performs oral sex on Nikko. After Nikko climaxes they cuddle together on the bed as they drift off to sleep.