Olivia Changes Alisha

Olivia changes Alisha’s wet diaper in this super cute video.

The scene opens with Olivia and Alisha standing side-by-side.  Olivia is wearing a striped t-shirt and jeans while Alisha is wearing a soggy diaper and a gray t-shirt.  They introduce themselves, and explain how Olivia is going to change Alisha’s wet diaper.

Alisha lays down on the floor, preparing to be changed, while Olivia gathers a fresh diaper and changing supplies.  We then get to watch as Olivia removes Alisha’s soaked diaper, wipes her clean, applies powder, and finally secures her in a fresh, clean diaper.  Olivia then gathers up the dirty diaper and changing supplies to put them away as Alisha hops up and wanders off in her new diaper.

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