Photos | Olivia’s Varsity Cheer Photos

This sexy photo gallery features Olivia showing off her cute pull-on style diaper while wearing her cheerleader uniform.

Set in the style of official team photos, this cute photo set recalls high school sports and cheerleading.  Featuring Olivia wearing her cheerleader uniform, these photos are set with a traditional sports photo background and school cheer team photo border.  The first images in this set would be right at home in a high school yearbook, with Olivia posing in her cheer uniform.

As we progress through the photos, however, things get a bit kinky.  Lifting up her skirt, Olivia gives us some teasing glimpses of her diaper.  Smiling at the camera, it is clear that she loves being naughty and wearing a diaper with her cheer uniform.  Through the remainder of her photos she shows off her pull-on style diaper, even going as far as taking off her skirt entirely so she is just wearing her cheerleader uniform top and a pull-on diaper.