Overflow in Jeans

Sosha suffers a major pull-up overflow in this video.

We join Sosha as she is absolutely bursting to pee. She is only wearing a pull-up and jeans though, and expresses concern about how well a pull-up will handle everything. Still, she loves the feeling of a warm wet diaper. Even though she is concerned about leaks, she decides to release her bladder anyway.

As she suspect, the pullup leaks. From the front the damage is only minor, a small wet spot. The back is an entirely different story though. Not only did she suffer major leaks around her legs, but she peed so much so fast that it filled up the back of the diaper and spilled over.

This is the first time we have ever seen a diaper overflow like this before at HD Wetting. It happened because she was peeing so much, so fast, for such an extended period of time. With wet jeans Sosha shows off the damage for the camera as she relishes in the warm feeling of a saturated pull-up.