Photos | Diaper Under Skirt

Acantha lifts her skirt, flashing her diaper at the camera.

Acantha teases you with glimpses of her pull-on diaper that she is wearing under her skirt in these playful photos.

If you’re a fan of women discretely wearing diapers, you’re going to love these photos.  In this gallery, Acantha is wearing a pull-on style diaper under her skirt.  Based on the first few photos in the gallery, there is no way to tell that she is wearing a diaper.  It is completely hidden by her skirt.

However, as we progress through the photos, Acantha lifts up her skirt, giving us teasing glimpses of her diaper.  She shows us more and more of her diaper, until she eventually undresses.  By the end of the photo sets she is wearing only a diaper and bra.