Photos | Showing Off Her New Diapers

Alisha starts to remove her jeans, revealing that she is wearing an adult-baby style diaper underneath.

Alisha has just discovered a new brand of Adult-Baby style diapers and is excited to show them off in this incredible photo gallery.

Featuring more than 90 high-resolution photographs, this gallery showcases Alisha wearing her brand new, thick, super-crinkly, adult baby diaper.  This gallery can best be described in three distinct sections.  In the first section, Alisha is fully clothed, wearing jeans and a shirt, but with a diaper on underneath.  This lets us check out how well her jeans are able to conceal the diaper.

In the second section she starts to show off her diaper.  Unzipping her pants, she gives us some teasing peeks at the cute diaper she is wearing.  We can see that the diaper is printed with baby-ish designs.

Finally, in the third section of the gallery, Alisha takes her pants off all the way so that we can enjoy an un-obscured view of her full diaper.  Without any pants on, and her diaper on full display, she giddily shows it off to our camera.