Proudly Wetting Her Diaper

Watch Alisha intentionally pee in her diaper, completely soaking it, in this sexy video.

In this video we find Alisha wearing nothing but a thick tabbed diaper, and thoroughly enjoying it.  Since a dry diaper isn’t as much fun as a wet diaper, she decides to pee in it as we watch.  The camera goes in for a close up as she pees.  We can see the diaper change color, from white to yellow, and grow heavy as it sags under the weight of her pee.

Once she is done peeing in her diaper she takes a couple minutes to show it off for the camera.  Pushing on the outside of the diaper, she is able to show us how squishy it is.  Turning around, giving us a view of the diaper from the back, we can see how far the pee soaked up her back side.  Eventually, she takes off the diaper, getting completely naked, and holds it up for the camera.

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