Public Bathroom Pull-up

Watch Alisha pee in her pull-up in a public bathroom in this video.

We join Alisha in a public bathroom in this video. She is wearing a very cute pull-up and showing it off for the camera. Needing to pee, she has a choice to make- Should she pee in the toilet or in her diaper?

Alisha decides the most sanitary option is to pee in her pull-up. After all, who knows just how clean that toilet really is? She doesn’t want to sit on it if she doesn’t have to. Her decision made, we get to watch as she stands in the bathroom and pees in her pull-up.

After she has relieved herself she has fun playing with her squishy diaper. She squeezes and pushes on the saturated pull-up for the camera to show just how squishy it is after being peed in.