S & M & Diapers

Alisha is left with no choice but to pee in her adult diaper after being tied up by Nikko in this video.

Wearing only a large adult diaper, Alisha is tied up, unable to escape. She is also desperate to pee. Nikko is wearing sexy lingerie. Teasing Alisha for having to pee, Nikko is having fun with the situation.

Despite being desperate, Alisha manages to hold off wetting her diaper. Getting frustrated that it is taking so long for Alisha to pee, Nikko gives her an ultimatum- Pee in her diaper or she will use the switch on her. Alisha decides to let go, soaking her diaper.

The camera goes in for a close up as Alisha’s diaper fills up. We can see it grow saggy and change color as she pees. After she is done peeing Nikko takes some time to enjoy Alisha’s saturated diaper and tease her.