Self Filmed Diaper Fun

This cute video arrived in our inbox this morning, sent to us directly from Sosha.  In the video, she seems to have some kinky fun masturbating in a wet Goodnite.

Sosha seems to have shot this video on her cell phone, in her bathroom.  We are giving you the entire video here, completely unedited.  In the video we can plainly see that she is wearing a yellow tank top and a pull-on style diaper.  As she shows off her diaper, looking very cute, it appears that the diaper is a bit wet.  This is confirmed when she stretches out the waistband and gives us a glimpse inside.

While she is still wearing the wet diaper, she starts to touch herself.  Her hand goes into her diaper, and the camera work does get a bit sloppy as she masturbates.  We don’t blame her though, masturbating while filming yourself with a cell phone in your hand can’t be easy.

Sosha cums and the video comes to an end shortly after.  The video is short, but it is cute, fun, and authentic.  We found this video to be a huge treat when it showed up this morning, and we think you are going to like it too.

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