She Should Wear a Diaper

We head out into the woods, camping with Alisha and Sosha, in this video.

Late in the evening we find Sosha and Alisha sitting at their camp site.  Tired, they decide to head to bed.  Just before climbing into their tent, Sosha suggests to Alisha that she may want to wear a diaper to bed.  It seems that Alisha is always needing to get up and go during the night, and Sosha doesn’t want to have to deal with Alisha waking up and needing to pee.

Alisha insists that she does not, in fact, need to wear a diaper to bed.  The only reason she has had to wake up and pee in the middle of the night previously is due to her pre-bedtime fluid intake.  Tonight, she points out, she hasn’t had that much to drink.  She reasons that she should be fine, and there is no need to wear a time.

Later that night we find both girls snuggled tightly in their sleeping bags.  Just as Sosha predicted, Alisha wakes up, needing to pee.  Not wanting to head out into the forest at night by herself, she wakes Sosha and begs her to accompany her.  Sosha refuses, telling Alisha that she should have worn a diaper to bed in the first place.  Alisha concedes that this probably was a good idea, but that does nothing to rectify the present situation.

Sosha points out to Alisha that there is a diaper in the tent, then rolls over and falls back asleep.  Desperate to pee, Alisha scrambles to put on the diaper.  Once she manages to get it on she sits, peeing in it.  The look of satisfaction her face as she pees relays just how relieving it is for her to let go.  She finishes peeing, but decides to leave the diaper on, in case she needs to pee later, then crawls bag into her sleeping bag.

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