Soaking Her Tabbed Diaper

Watch as Nikko fills up her diaper with pee in this simple, but very enjoyable, video.

Wearing only a t-shirt and a thick, tabbed diaper, Nikko talks directly to the camera. She needs to pee, so since she is wearing a diaper anyway, she intentionally lets go, filling the diaper with her warm urine.

The camera goes in for a close up as she does so. We can see the diaper fill up and the wetness indicators change as they become soaked. Nikko loves the warm, wet sensation. She rubs her hands on the outside of the diaper, feeling the warmth as it grows heavy and saggy.

After she is done peeing she takes some time to show off the wet diaper for the camera. She squishes it, showing just how soaked it is, and turns around so we can see how saggy it is on her bottom.