Someone’s in the Bathroom

What should you do if someone else is in the bathroom, taking a shower, and you’re locked out and desperate to pee?  Well, if you’re Sosha you try to hold it as long as you possible can before giving up and peeing in a diaper.

In this video Alisha is taking a lengthy hot, relaxing shower, when Sosha knocks on the door, needing to pee.  Alisha explains that she is in the middle of her shower, and that Sosha is just going to have to wait.  Outside of the bathroom, Sosha desperately tries to wait for Alisha to finish her shower.  Growing every more desperate, she crosses her legs and holds herself, begging Alisha to try and hurry up.

Despite Sosha’s pleas, Alisha continues to take her time in the shower.  Finally, on the verge of having an accident, Sosha grabs a nearby pull-on style diaper.  Quickly pulling the diaper up, making sure it is snug, Sosha is finally able to relieve herself.  A look of pure bliss spreads across her face as she empties her bladder.  Done peeing, and feeling much better, Sosha tells Alisha to take her time as she walks alway, still wearing the wet diaper.

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