Sosha Changes Carly

We are proud to welcome a brand new girl to HD Diapers, Carly!

Carly is a real life friend of Sosha. When she heard about HD Diapers, she thought wearing diapers sounded like fun and wanted to get involved with the site.

In this video Sosha is sitting on the sofa when Carly sits down and starts kissing her. Soon the kissing progresses into sexual touching and Sosha tries to undress Carly.

It is then that Sosha discovers Carly is wearing a diaper. Carly is a little embarrassed, but admits that she is wearing a diaper for fun. Sosha observes the diaper is wet and proceeds to change Carly.

The old diaper is off and Carly has been cleaned with baby wipes. Sosha decides Carly still isn’t clean enough. Sosha proceeds to make sure Carly is completely clean with her tongue. What started as a simple diaper change has now progressed to full blown oral sex.

Once Sosha is satisfied that Carly is clean, Sosha puts baby powder and a fresh diaper on her. The two girls continue to make out as the video comes to a close.