Sosha Diapered in the Dungeon

It is back into the dungeon for another sexy diapered bondage video. This time it is Sosha who is bound, wearing a thick tabbed diaper, and ultimately wetting herself when she can’t escape.

The scene is likely familiar if you have been a member before- A darkly lit dungeon with a girl tied up, unable to free herself, wearing a diaper.  This time it is Sosha.  She is wearing a black sweatshirt and a thick, tabbed, white diaper. Her hands are tied around a pillar behind her, making it impossible to escape.  She is desperate to pee, but doesn’t want to wet her diaper because it would be embarrassing.

Alisha enters the scene, wearing a sexy little black outfit, she could easily be taken for a professional dominatrix. Indeed, that appears to be her role in this video as she yells at Sosha to just go ahead and pee in her diaper.  When Sosha refuses, Alisha starts to tickle her and press on her bladder.

Despite doing her best to hold it in, Sosha is ultimately powerless to stop herself from peeing.  With the relentless tickles from Alisha, she soon reaches her breaking point and completely floods her diaper.  We can see the diaper swell up and grow heavy as she empties her bladder into it, even leaking, with a stream escaping near her leg and landing on the floor.

Since Sosha did what Alisha ordered, peed in her diaper, Alisha decides that she has been a “good girl” and deserves a reward.  Carefully, Alisha removes Sosha’s saturated diaper and then goes down on her. Not caring that Sosha’s pussy was just engulfed in a urine soaked diaper, Alisha is more than profescient when it comes to using her tongue to bring girls to earth shattering orgasms.  Sosha soon climaxes, and Alisha walks away, knowing her job is complete.

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