Sosha Films Alisha in a Diaper

This is what happens when we leave Alisha and Sosha alone together with a spare diaper- Alisha puts on the diaper and pees in it while Sosha records.

There isn’t a whole lot to this video.  We didn’t even plan on doing it.  In the middle of a full day shoot, we took a break for lunch.  Sosha and Alisha opted to stay behind while the crew went out to pick up food.  When we got back, we learned that Sosha and Alisha produced their own video while we were out.

Needing to pee, Alisha put on one of the plain white pull-on diapers that we had available.  Sosha recorded her with her phone as Alisha intentionally peed in the diaper.  Once she was done peeing she showed how squishy it was, before taking it off and showing it to the camera.

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