Sosha Soaking Her Diaper

Sosha intentionally pees in her plain white pull-on diaper, then masturbates, in this sexy video.

At the start of the video we find Sosha in living room wearing a pink t-shirt and a skirt.  Almost immediately she takes the skirt off, revealing she is wearing a plain white pull-on style diaper under it.  The camera zooms in for a close up and Sosha pees in her diaper.  We can see the diaper change color and grow heavy as she empties her bladder into it.

Once she is done peeing in her diaper she takes some time to enjoy the sensation, running her hands over the warm, bulky, saturated diaper.  The feeling of the warm, wet diaper against her pussy turns her on, so she proceeds to finger herself as we watch.  After she climaxes she says goodbye, and the video comes to an end.

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