Tabbed Diaper Selfies

Check out these sexy selfies featuring Alisha in a thick, tabbed, adult diaper.

For this gallery, we head into the bathroom with Alisha where we find her in gray leggings in a black t-shirt.  Upon carefully examining her leggings, we notice something a bit suspicious- It seems like Alisha has some extra padding packed under her clothes.  Our suspicions are soon confirmed, as she starts to flash us some teasing glimpses of her diaper.

Ultimately, Alisha ends up taking off her clothes so we can fully appreciate the sight of her in a diaper.  Her diaper is an impressively thick, tabbed, serious adult diaper.  It is the kind of diaper she could wear and use all day long without leaks.  She gives us several exquisite pictures showing off her diaper form every conceivable angle.

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