The Diaper Solution

As we have seen in previous videos, Alisha often wears a diaper while hiking, in order to pee in the woods or risk getting caught peeing outdoors. In this video, she shares this innovative idea with her friend, Sosha, as the go on a hike together.

At the start of this video we join Sosha and Alisha as they are strolling through the forest. After a bit, Sosha expresses a desire to turn back. After some prodding, she reveals the reason to Alisha- She doesn’t want to get caught needing to pee outside.

Alisha can sympathize with this, but doesn’t want to end the hike early. Instead of agreeing to turn back, Alisha reveals her secret to Sosha, that she often wears a diaper when they go hiking.

Sosha is extremely surprised, but reacts positively. It just so happens that Alisha has a spare pullup with her, and lends it to Sosha. Sosha is happy to try it out, putting on the pullup, before continuing on their hike.

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