Tickle Torture Diaper Wetting

Wearing nothing but a diaper Sosha is tied to the bed and tickled by Alisha until she wets herself in this video.

If you are a fan of thick diapers, wetting, and lesbians you are going to want to check out this incredible video.  In this video we have the beautiful Sosha, wearing nothing but a thick, tabbed, adult diaper tied to the bed and deseperate to pee.  She is then tickled by the very sexy Alisha Adams.  While being tickled Sosha squeals and fights against her restraints, but ultimately is powerless to free herself.  Bursting to pee, and being tickled without mercy, Soshsa can’t hold it any longer and wets her diaper as Alisha looks on.

As Sosha uncontrollably pees into her diaper, Alisha rubs it, feeling the warmth growing between Sosha’s legs.  Only after she is done peeing does Alisha finally stop tickling her.  Alisha removes Sosha’s saturated diaper and inspects it, before tossing it aside.  Still tied up, Sosha is now naked on the bed and damp from wetting herself.  Alisha then goes down on Sosha, eating her out until she comes to a screaming orgasm.

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