Tickling Alisha in a Diaper

While wearing a thick, tabbed, adult diaper Alisha gets tickled by Olivia until she pees herself.

In this scene we find Alisha sitting on the floor playing with her phone while wearing a thick adult diaper and a gray t-shirt.  Distracted by her phone, she doesn’t notice Olivia sneaking up behind her.  When Olivia gets close enough, she launches into a merciless tickle attack.  Being extremely ticklish, Alisha is completely helpless to resist.

As Olivia gleefully tickles Alisha, Alisha begs to be let go, saying that she is going to pee herself.  Olivia doesn’t care, telling Alisha that she is trying to make her pee in her diaper.  Ultimately, Olivia is successful in her goal- She continues to tickle Alisha until Alisha wets her diaper.  However, because of Alisha’s squirming, there are gaps around the diaper’s waist.  As a result, she suffers a major leak, not just wetting the diaper, but making a puddle on the floor.

After Alisha wets herself, Olivia untapes her diaper to show the camera.  This gives us a chance to see the inside of Alisha’s soaked diaper.  Finally, Alisha gets up to go clean herself and the video comes to an end.

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