Waking Up and Wetting

In this video Sosha makes the decision to wet in her pull-up, but it leaks, wetting the bed.

We join Sosha in bed just as she is waking up. She is naked, except for a pull-up style diaper that she has on. Needing to pee, she is about to get up and go, but you convince her to stay in bed with you and wet her diaper instead.

Kneeling next to you, she proceeds to relax and let it flow. You can see her diaper full up with pee. She really did need to go, however, and is unable to stop. Soon the diaper overflows and trickles of urine run down her legs wetting the bed sheets.

Sosha is extremely embarrassed that she leaked on the bed. She gets up and inspects the large wet spot she made on the bed sheets. Then, still wearing her soaked diaper, she changes the bedding.