Wearing Diapers in the Snow

According to Sosha, there are lots of good reasons to wear a diaper in the snow- They provide extra padding to help keep you warm, they are comfortable, and if you need to pee, well, that isn’t a problem.

In this video, we join Sosha downtown on a snowy day.  She is wearing a green coat, jeans, and a pull-on style diaper underneath.  While walking along the street, Sosha talks about why she likes to wear a diaper in the snow.  She explains how she enjoys the extra padding and warmth the diaper provides, and how the cold air makes her need to pee, so having a diaper on is nice for that reason.

As we continue along with Sosha, she gives us some teasing glimpses of her diaper as she walks along.  Then, she stops on the street corner and pees a bit in her diaper.  As she does so, she talks about how nice and warm it feels.

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