Wetting Diapers With Friends

Sosha and Lyra pee in their diapers together in this video.

We join Lyra and Sosha in the kitchen where they are both only wearing thick, tabbed, adult diapers.  After announcing their intentions to wet in their diapers, a bit of a contest arises when they each believe they will be able to pee more than the other one.  Whoever looses has to buy ice cream.

With the terms of the contest agreed upon, all that is left is for them to do it.  First, Sosha pees in her diaper.  We can see it fill up as she pees.  Next, Lyra pees in her diaper.  Much like when Sosha did it, we can also visibly see Lyra’s diaper fill with urine.  Still, there is no clear winner.

In order to determine for certain who is the superior urinator, they both take off their diapers to compare side-by-side.  A careful inspection reveals that Lyra has won the contest.   Sosha tries to claim it wasn’t a fair contest, but Lyra refuses to cede.

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