Why Alisha Needs a Diaper

If any doubt existed if Alisha needed a diaper, that doubt is gone after the events in this video.

Sharing a bed with Sosha, Alisha ends up having having a night time accident.  Without waking, Alisha wets the bed.  Detecting wetness, Sosha wakes to discover that Alisha has peed.  Sosha wakes Alisha, who is completely mortified to discover that she has wet the bed.  Humiliated, she helps change the bed sheets.

With clean sheets on the bed, Sosha suggests that perhaps Alisha needs to be wearing a diaper at night.  With no room to disagree, Alisha quietly admits that Sosha is right.  We get to watch as Sosha helps clean Alisha, then put her into a pull-on diaper before they go back to bed.

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