Photos | Dom in a Diaper

Wow! Check out these incredibly sexy photos of Alisha, as a dominatrix, wearing a diaper!

This absolutely stunning gallery features more than 50 unique, high-resolution photographs Alisha.  The images in this gallery are set against a dark industrial backdrop that perfectly compliments Alisha’s black dominatrix costume.  Overall, the effect evokes ideas of things that happen hidden in the darkness, secrets, and kinky rendezvous.

The first photos we encounter in this gallery are definitely sexy, but there is no indication that they are diaper fetish related.  We simply get some gorgeous photos of Alisha posing for the camera.  However, there aren’t too many photos before Alisha lifts up her skirt, revealing she is wearing a pull-on style diaper.

For the remainder of the photo-set, which is the majority of the photos, she shows off her cute diaper for the camera.  In some of the pictures she is just barely lifting her skirt enough to give us the smallest glimpse of her diaper, while in others she has her skirt all the way up giving us a clear, unobstructed view of her pull-on.  From the look on her face, it is obvious how much fun she is having showing off her diaper.