“Daddy, my Diaper is All Wet!”

In this video you get to enjoy having Alisha as your “little one,” and she tells you that she has wet her diaper.

This POV age-play video puts you in the scene as Alisha’s “daddy.”  Wearing only a cute pull-on diaper and a t-shirt she runs up to you, telling you that she had an accident, again, and needs to be changed.  She apologizes for wetting herself again, and begs you to change her, doesn’t want you to be mad.

Deeply apologetic, she feels bad for having yet another accident, but asks you not to spank her.  She points out that this accident is a lot smaller than some of the ones she has had in the past, and that she really doesn’t like spankings.  Finally, she runs off to her bedroom to wait for you to change her.