Photos | Ducks and Diapers

This sexy photo set features Olivia showing off her diaper in a public park, next to a duck pond.

In yet another daring public display of diapers from Olivia, we head out to a public park where Olivia, discreetly wearing a pull-on style diaper under her pants, flashes  her diaper at the camera.  The entire gallery features nearly eighty high-resolution photographs.

Shot on a cold and rainy day, Olivia is wearing dark pants, a read shirt, and a heavy coat.  Under her pants she is wearing a cute pull-on style diaper.  In the first photos in the set, before she starts showing of her diaper, it is impossible to tell she is wearing anything special under her clothes.  However, it isn’t long before she shows the camera that she isn’t just wearing every-day panties; she is wearing a diaper.

Over the course of several dozen photos she flashes her diaper to the camera.  Unfastening her pants, she pulls them down slightly, giving us a glorious view of her cute pull-on while still able to quickly pull her pants back up should someone show up unexpectedly.  There were a few people passing by, but they never seemed to get close enough to notice what was going on.