Almost Caught in Public

Olivia almost gets caught as she pees in her diaper in public in this daring video.

The plan for this scene was simple- Standing on a downtown street, Olivia was going to show us her diaper and then pee in it.  As she peed, she was going to hold the microphone nearby, so we could hear the sounds resulting from wetting her diaper.

Everything starts out as planned; She shows us her diaper, then places the microphone nearby and starts to pee.  We can hear the muffled hissing sound as she starts to wet her diaper, but then suddenly she pulls the microphone away and steps aside.  We can hear her say, “excuse me” as a stranger passes by.  Just as she started to wet her diaper, a passerby came around the corner unexpectedly.  It doesn’t seem like they realized that she was in the middle of peeing herself, but there is no way to know for sure.