Photos | Ronica Diaper Tease

Ronica shows off her pull-on style diaper.

We are super excited to introduce a brand new model to HD Diapers, Ronica.  In her very first set of photos she has fun teasing you with glimpses of her pull-on style diaper.

Featuring more than 80 incredible, high-resolution photographs, this gallery is the first from our newest model, Ronica.  In the first part of the gallery, you can’t really tell that she is wearing a diaper under her clothes.  Still, she has fun posing for our camera, feeling cute knowing that she is wearing something with a bit of extra padding under her jeans.

In the second part of the gallery she lets you in on her secret, giving you some teasing glimpses of the waistband of her diaper.  Finally, in the third and last part of the gallery, she takes her jeans all the way off, letting you fully appreciate how stunning she looks wearing a diaper.