Ronica Wets Her Bed

Ronica looks unsure about wearing a diaper as she lays on the bed next to Alisha.

Ronica and Alisha look so peaceful snuggled together in bed, but, what’s that? Alisha feels something wet under the sheets.  Oh no! It seems Ronica has had a little bit of a sleepy time accident.

In this scene we find Ronica and Alisha adorably snuggled up in bed together, but this cute scene is interrupted when Ronica has a little accident.  Alisha alerts Ronica as to what happened.  Humiliated, all Ronica can do is appologize for peeing in the bed, but Alisha assures her that it is nothing to worry about.  Together they change the bed sheets, but before laying down again, Alisha suggests Ronica wear a diaper to prevent this from happening again.