Public Toilet vs. Diaper

Needing to pee in a public park, Olivia is faced with a choice: Should she use the disgusting public park facilities, or let loose in her diaper and hope it doesn’t leak?

In this scene we join Olivia in a public park where, as she explains, she badly needs to pee.  Luckily, the park features public toilet facilities and they are currently open.  Almost as soon as she goes into the bathroom, however, she comes running back out.  Talking to the camera, she informs us that the bathroom is absolutely disgusting.

Luckily, she has another option available- She is wearing a pull-on style diaper under her pants, as she shows us.  Realizing it may leak if she empties her full bladder, she decides the relief is worth the risk.  She holds the microphone nearby so we can hear her pee hissing out as she floods her diaper in public.