Waiting for the Bus in a Diaper

Olivia pees in her pull-on while waiting for the bus in this incredibly cute public diaper wetting video.

Here is a dilemma: You are waiting for your bus, but you need to pee. Do you: A) Go find a bathroom, but risk missing your bus, or B) Try and hold it, but risk having an accident?  Well, if you are Olivia you choose- C) Wear a diaper and pee in that.

In this scene we get to join Olivia as she waits for the bus, wearing a pull-on style diaper under her jeans.  Needing to pee, she is all too happy to demonstrate how she uses her diaper.  After showing off her pull-on to our camera, she lets go, soaking her diaper.  As she does so she holds the microphone close by, so we can hear her pee hiss into her diaper as she wets it.